My Fair Lady Ballgown, Part XV: Final Photos!

I can’t believe that I’m finally done with this project! I’ve been wanting to make this gown for so long that it’s just amazing to see the finished product and know all the work that went into it– I think the last time I was this thrilled with a costume gown was my very first foray into costuming, when I made a noblewoman’s outfit for the Renaissance Faire as a high school sophomore. (That dress had tons of hand-beading as well, so maybe it’s the sense of accomplishment after doing hours of detailing work?)

Anyway, here are some photos taken the talented DROO Photographer, at the convention I attended (sadly, the sparkles really don’t come through in photos the way they do in real life):

DRO_9887 revised.jpg


DRO_9885 revised

And all of the links to the progress posts:

Part I: Inspiration

Part II: Underdress

Part III: Selecting Overgown Embellishments

Part IV: Overgown Construction

Part V: Appliques and Trim

Part VI: Neckline and Sleeve Beaded Trim

Part VII: Tiara

Part VIII: Stitched Sequins

Part IX: Rhinestone Choker

Part X: Sequin and Rhinestone Swags

Part XI: More Appliques

Part XII: Sequins Redux

Part XIII: Paillettes and Rhinestones

Part IX: HAIR!



20 thoughts on “My Fair Lady Ballgown, Part XV: Final Photos!

  1. What a stunning gown you created !
    The thought you put into it, and the amount of work it took to make it is phenomenal. You’re like a whole costume department by yourself.
    ( I’d love to see more photos taken in a brighter setting. I’d also like to see it used on-stage, as well.)


    • Sadly, brighter lighting tends to wash out the details for photography purposes… perhaps someday I’ll try to get some video footage of it on stage– I’m told that it sparkles like nobody’s business!


  2. You are so super talented. I have been looking for this dress for years! You have made an absolutely stunning replica. I am in awe of your talent and dedication to this wonderful task! The dress is my all time favourite. From head to toe you have pulled it off amazingly! Many congratulations to you? Who was it made for and is it being used in any productions?


    • Thanks so much! I made it for myself, actually, and won two awards for it in the Costume-Con masquerade this year. I also wore it to a Victorian dance weekend (despite being a bit out of period… but people were wearing 1860s-1920s anyway). I’ve loved this dress for ages, so I had a great time reproducing it at last!


  3. Absolutely inspirational!!! I just played Eliza this October and this blog series was an incredible find… Thank you so much for sharing, I found the same two necklaces you bought on eBay and ordered them for myself, can’t wait to channel my inner Audrey! 😄 you look gorgeous, & are so talented!!! Can’t thank you enough for posting your beautiful work!


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  5. Please tell me if this is for sale. I’ve been searching for years to find the perfect costume /dress designer for this dress. Beautiful work!


    • Sorry, it’s not for sale. I’d have to charge something exorbitant to justify the labor, and I’ve recently realized that the glue I used for the sequins tends to soften in warm weather, so the whole dress needs to be carefully pulled apart every time I take it out of storage. Given the imperfections I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling it. Feel free to show my photos to a designer to reproduce it, though!


    • RenzRags on Etsy might be able to do a replica of this. They have a lot of very elaborate bridesmaid gowns that would be on the same level as this dress. It may cost extra since it’s a custom request.


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  11. It’s gorgeous what you made & I’m going to get it a try. Is there a pattern, because I think have looked about thousand dresses from different eras & can’t seem to find one. I would hire you to make the over dress I have the underdress . I’m using appliqués for cap sleeves. Ordered beautiful beaded organza/tulle for the over dress. I’m 67 years old & I want my Daughter to have this dress when she gets Married. Sincerely LaDonna


    • Hi! I didn’t use a pattern, I just draped it on the dress form– check out my posts on the making of the gown for the general idea. Good luck making the overdress– it’s all about the embellishment, so I’m sure your beaded tulle will look lovely!


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