My Fair Lady Ballgown, Part XI: More Appliqués

I know, you’re probably curious to know what happened with the sequins, but you’ll need to wait until later because I had to get the center panel’s appliqués done first. The larger floral appliqués I ordered were some of the last components to arrive, which is why I had to leave it for so long. I bought both venise and alencon lace appliqués because I wasn’t sure which would work better– neither were quite in the same style as the other trims, but I thought they’d work out all right.


You can see in the reference images below that there are leafy floral motifs at the center front and sides of the center panel, and smallish motifs at the high points of the swags of trim around the hem.




I cut apart my appliqués and fussed around with them until I had an arrangement I liked– for the majority of the appliqués I used the floral venise lace, but accented it with the leafy sections from the alencon lace to give a more delicate look around the edges. For the appliqués at the sides of the center panel, on the other hand, I used the alencon lace as a base but added the flowers from the venise lace as accents to tie things together. I pinned each segment to the overdress, then hand-stitched them individually to the net. I will note that it was *much* easier to stitch the corded alencon lace (which was mounted on tulle) than the venise lace (which needed each tiny leaf stitched down individually). I’ll keep that in mind if I ever have occasion to use lace appliqués again. Tulle backing is the best!


All the sewing is done now– time to really get going on the glued sequins!



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