Kitty-Ear Headbands


As you may remember, I love throwing themed birthday parties for my daughter. There was the pink elephant party, and the mermaid party, and who can forget the insanity that was the princess party? This year, her chosen theme is Kitties.

While my daughter has several pairs of kitty ears that she enjoys wearing for all occasions, we thought that her friends might also enjoy their own sets of ears, at least to wear for the duration of the party. The ears would also make a great party favor, so it was off to the craft store to get felt to make some!

The process for making these was pretty easy– just gluing felt to a headband– but I’ll give you the step-by-step tutorial below.



1/4″ black plastic headbands (preferably with no teeth)

Sheets of felt (I was able to get 3 pairs of ears out of each 9×12″ sheet, not counting the pink center sections)

Hot glue

Fabric glue (optional)

1. Create a template for cutting out your ears– each main ear piece will be folded in half over the headband, so the whole piece should be generally leaf-shaped.

2. Trace your templates onto the felt sheets and cut out your felt accordingly.


3. Use hot glue or fabric glue to adhere the center section to the main ear, right where the fold will be.


4. Use scissors to make a tiny snip right in the center of the fold line. This allows the fabric to mold more easily to the headband in the next step.

5. Decide where you want your ears to be on the headband, then fold one ear over the headband, using your finger to pinch one end tightly to the plastic. Unfold the ear and run a bead of hot glue across the felt, then mold it to the inner curve of the headband. Repeat with the other ear.

6. Once your glue has cooled, run another bead of glue around the outer edges of the ear, and along the upper edge of the headband. Press the felt together to complete the ear. Repeat.


7. Sometimes the pink center section will be just short enough that it doesn’t fold nicely down around the headband, but instead comes up to make an unattractive edge. If this happens, just trim the extra away so the pink section sits flush against your head.


Just a note: remember that the headbands will be bent when worn, so the ears should be placed just a tiny bit further apart than you think they should– once the headband is on they’ll be perfect. (if you  put them too close together they’ll look like short bunny ears– not a good look)


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