Leftover Rice Fritters


In my family we eat a lot of rice. The only problem is that we tend to make more of it than we need– not just more than we can eat in a sitting, but more than we need to pack away the leftovers, which leaves extra rice hanging out in the fridge… but not enough to make a whole new meal, which means we need to make more rice the next time we need it, which starts a vicious cycle.

Anyway, I developed this recipe as a way to break the cycle– cheesy rice fritters! They can transform even the oldest, driest rice into a crispy, savory cake that makes a fantastic addition to any meal. And the best part is that the recipe uses only pantry staples, so you can make these any time!

The flavor and texture actually remind me a lot of potato blinis (the Lithuanian kind that are like heavy latkes, not the buckwheat kind you eat caviar with), so while I eat them plain you could probably also top them with sour cream or applesauce and have a nice meal. Enjoy!

Cheesy Rice Fritters

(This recipe is easily multiplied depending on how much rice you have– I’ll just give you the amounts for one cup of rice to make it easy)

1 cup leftover cooked rice

1 egg

2-3 tbs. diced onion

1 tbs. dry breadcrumbs

small handful shredded cheddar cheese (or you can use whatever kind of cheese you have on hand)

salt and pepper to taste

1. Mix all ingredients together thoroughly.


2. Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.

3. Scoop spoonfuls of the rice mixture into the pan and flatten slightly with the back of the spoon. Cook for about 2-3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown.


4. Remove from pan and set on paper towels to wick away extra oil. Finish with extra salt and serve immediately. These also reheat reasonably well in the oven if you have leftovers.



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