Farfalle with Bacon, Beans, and Cabbage


Let me be upfront with you– this is not a pretty dish. It’s beige and sloppy-looking and won’t win any beauty contests. It won’t amaze your tastebuds with new and exciting flavors, either. But on the plus side, it’s reasonably healthy, quick and easy to make, and is basically the epitome of comfort food for a wintry evening. Also, it’s delicious, so you should make it.

While I’m sure the combination of beans, bacon, and cabbage has been around for a while, I somehow didn’t “discover” it until recently, when I was googling dinner ideas and came across a recipe in the Washington Post. I’ve adapted it to drastically increase the cabbage (and thus my perception of its healthiness), but aside from that it’s good as-is. The smokiness of the bacon combines with the creaminess of the beans to give it a really hearty flavor, and the cabbage just kind of melts into the dish, adding bulk but not hitting you in the face with cabbage-y flavor or odor. With plenty of black pepper and parmesan cheese, I’ve eaten this repeatedly this past winter, and regret nothing.

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(Just) Chocolate Mousse

mousse done

You know how some days, you just have a craving for dessert– something rich, something decadent, something better than the stale graham crackers you have in the back of your pantry– but there’s NOTHING in the house? I was having one of those days recently– my husband had eaten the last of the ice cream, I had used up my bag of frozen cake scraps in a recipe, and I hadn’t gotten around to buying any Thin Mints to stash in the freezer yet– so I turned to my archive of recipes I’d bookmarked but never tried. And there it was. Simple. Elegant. I can’t believe it took me so long to make it, but as god is my witness, it is never sinking into obscurity again.

One-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse. And (no surprise here), the one ingredient is chocolate. Because water doesn’t really count as an ingredient, of course. It couldn’t be simpler. It took me less than 10 minutes to make (and eat), and there was no tedious waiting for the finished product to chill and set in the fridge. Melt. Whip. Eat. That’s it. It’s like instant chocolate pudding on steroids. Continue reading