Berry-Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles

I’ve been in a popsicle mood lately (no surprise given the summer weather), so I’ve been turning to some old favorites for desserts. They’re perfect on a warm summer evening– but what about the rest of the day? Especially when the weather is this nice, there’s no reason one should have to wait until after dinner for a popsicle, right?

Enter the breakfast popsicle. You heard me– a breakfast popsicle! I often have fruit and yogurt for breakfast, so what could possibly be wrong with eating it in a slightly more fun form? A frozen form. On a stick.

To make these, I just layered my favorite yogurt (Greek Gods Honey Vanilla– the photo is actually of a different flavor) with a purée of honey-sweetened berries (you need the extra sugar to keep them from freezing rock-solid) and swirled them in my popsicle molds. This particular yogurt is rich, with just enough fat and sugar to keep it from being too icy, but if you were using a different one you might have to add more sugar to prevent the ice crystals from getting too big.

The finished popsicles were excellent– sweet but tangy, and not nearly as guilt-inducing as regular popsicles can be! I’ll be trying this with other fruits to see what I like best, but this time I used 2 cups of frozen mixed berries puréed with about 2 tbsp. of honey, with enough yogurt to fill up the molds (about 2/3 of a container). Then I swirled them with a skewer, inserted the sticks, and set them to freeze for at least 4 hours.

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