Princess Play Dress #2: Isabel (of Avalor)

After Elena of Avalor, the next princess my daughter was dying to be was her sister, Isabel.


This one was the easiest of the three dresses– I just found a basic blue dress with puffed sleeves and ruffles (sadly, didn’t have anything that worked, so I had to get it on Amazon), and used some gold fabric paint to make the gold trim on the bodice and the swirls on the ruffled parts.

First I taped off the bodice trim areas so I’d get a nice sharp edge on my stripes. I used a brush to paint two coats of gold paint between the tapes, then pulled the tape off before the second coat dried. Don’t wait until everything’s dry– you might pull some of the paint off with the tape.


I will admit that I messed up a bit on stripe placement– you can see from the image above that the stripes on the sides of the bodice are actually placed more like princess seams, but I didn’t refer to the picture when I was placing the tape and accidentally set them out as coming straight from the shoulder. This made things easier in terms of the taping– straight lines instead of curved ones– but it does look wrong. Oops. I don’t think my daughter will mind, though.

Then I let her use the pen-like tip of the paint bottle to paint designs on the ruffle at the hem– I’d expected she would do swirls or flowers, but she decided to paint tiny pictures of characters and objects from the show, and then when she ran out of ideas she just put a bunch of tiny paw-prints (from the jaquins, flying leopard-like characters). It’s not exactly what I thought she’d want, but hey, as long as she’s happy…





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