Fairy House, Part III: Tree


One problem with the glass walls of the fairy house is that they really don’t provide much purchase for mounting things like curtains, shelves, or other things. Not only that, but anything you do use to mount stuff will show through the glass from the outside, which is never pretty. To combat this (and to fill in some of the bareness of the walls), I decided to add a tree to the inside. The branches “grow” along the walls and provide both cover and a place to hang things from, and the leaves make the whole thing look cozier and less stark.

I started by taking some paper-covered floral wire, which already looks kind of like dried vines/wood, and twisting several long pieces together to form the trunk base. I kept some short ends loose on the bottom to form roots, and longer pieces on top to twist into branches.

I started off by twisting together three pieces of the wire, then added more pieces individually, twisting them around the trunk in different directions. (in other words, I didn’t try to twist them all together at once) Once I had the trunk set I formed the branches and roots, snipping the ends to the correct length afterwards. I shaped the tree to fit the inside of the glass house, setting the trunk in a corner and running the branches along the ceiling and walls.


Next I took a spray of small artificial leaves and cut off small sections to hot-glue onto the smaller branches of the tree. I tried to make them look as natural as possible, sometimes clipping off leaves here and there to prevent the sprigs from looking too uniform. Once I’d glued a few branches’ worth, I added a few snipped-off leaves in ones and twos to other portions of the tree to fill in bare spots.


I really like the way this turned out! I’d been considering using reindeer moss instead of the plastic leaves, but I just liked the way the leaves looked. Besides, I’ll be using moss in other areas, so this will afford some variation in color and texture.

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