Fairy House, Part I: Inspiration

Several months back, I was out shopping and happened upon this beautiful little glass… thing.


I couldn’t tell exactly what it was– was it a terrarium? A dome-type thing meant to go over a planter? A lantern? All I knew was that it had a roof, a window, and would make a perfect fairy house.

When I was a kid I was always making and drawing tiny fairy scenes– I would try to construct furniture out of leaves, make dishes out of acorn caps, etc. (I will say that it was a lot easier to draw things like that than to make them in real life) Once, I got inspired by a line in Hans Christian Andersen’s “Thumbelina”…

She was scarcely half as long as a thumb, and they gave her the name of “Thumbelina,” or Tiny, because she was so small. A walnut-shell, elegantly polished, served her for a cradle; her bed was formed of blue violet-leaves, with a rose-leaf for a counterpane. 

… and I made my own tiny bed out of a walnut shell and some pieces of blue and pink fabric to substitute in for flower petals. It’s safe to say that I was pretty “into” the whole tiny-fairy-furniture thing.

So when this glass lantern/terrarium thingy appeared out of nowhere, it was like Fate was telling me that it was time to use my hard-won craft skills to really go all out and make a whole fairy house! I’m not sure yet exactly how it’ll go or what the contents will look like– here are some inspiration images, though!


f18af2faa4cfa8374122422a8ffb7c7a e045d4e6ac65ad49e12fc1e87e59da3f

I will note that my daughter is fully on board with this project, and I’m going to have to restrain my impulse to completely and totally take over, so she can actually contribute to the project as a whole! We’ll see what happens, I guess…




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