Edwardian Hat 2.0

edwardian hat.jpg

So remember the Edwardian hat I painstakingly made last year, only to lose it on the train before I got the chance to wear it? I never really got over being bitter about that, and vowed to make another, better one as soon as I got the chance.

Well, the opportunity came in the form of a big sale on the very same flowers I’d purchased for my original hat, so I took myself down to the craft store and bought them again. More of them, actually. And a few other styles of flowers to fill in the blank spots. Enough to make the hat big enough and elaborate enough that there’d be no way to misplace it. (right?)

The first thing I did was get a long piece of wire and thread it through the binding at the outer edge of the hat brim– this gave the brim some structure and let me bend it into the shape I wanted. Sure, that shape was basically “circle,” but I did use the flexibility at one point to bend it down a bit to shade my eyes during a particularly sunny walk. So it was useful.

I had the best intentions of using only thread to attach the decorations so I’d be able to replace them easily for a different outfit, but when it came down to the wire I just ended up using some thread and mostly hot glue to speed things along. I sewed down the wide ivory embroidered ribbon in puffs around the crown, with a bow to one side. Then I started adding flowers of all sizes, concentrated at the front and tapering off towards the back, where I attached fluffy white ostrich plumes for added impact.


Speared to my hairdo with a long, sharp hatpin, it really finished off my outfit nicely! I seriously love this hat, and got so many compliments on it!

(for reference, here’s the hat from last year… I definitely like the new one better– it’s bigger and fluffier and just a lot more eye-catching!)



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