Flower Girl Hair Wreath


My daughter is going to be a flower girl in my brother’s upcoming wedding– she’s extremely excited about it, of course! We decided that aside from the dress (which is huge and made of yards and yards of ivory tulle), what she really needed was a wreath of flowers for her hair. Because hey, flower girls need flowers, right?

The dress already had flowers on the bodice– large silk daisies in ivory, with rhinestone centers– so I had to stick within that general area in terms of color and shape. I ended up picking out some smaller ivory daisies, along with some pink clover blossoms and tiny ivory flowers for accents. I picked up a roll of wire wrapped in brown paper to use as the base for a faux vine effect.


The first thing I did was to measure my daughter’s head– it was 21″ around, so I started by cutting a 50″ length of wire, to allow for extra length to be used up in artistic twistiness.

First I made a small loop at one end of the wire. I measured out 21″ from the loop, and folded the wire to make another loop at that point. This was the base length of the wire. Then I used the long end to make large-ish twists along the base wire (large enough so that they looked pretty and left room to insert flower stems) until I got back to the original loop. At that point I wrapped the wire and cut the end.


Once I had my base wreath, I started inserting the large daisies into place, adding some of the pink flowers between them, and the finally the small ivory flowers with extra leaves here and there. I used hot glue to keep everything in place.

When I was done, I ran a length of ribbon through the loops at the ends of the wreath– the ribbon makes the wreath adjustable so it’ll fit perfectly– important, since the flower stems and twisted wire made the wreath a bit tight at 21″ around, and I had to loosen it by an inch to get it to fit properly.


Look, it even fits my cat!




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