NYC Fabric Haul!


Okay, so I’m back from New York, my laptop is up and running again, and I have a big pile of fabric to show off from my shopping trip!

Fine, so it’s not particularly exotic-looking in light of the huge selection that was available in the literally dozens of tiny stores I visited (okay, only two dozen or so, but that’s technically accurate), but it’s a decent haul.

Seven yards of 60″ wide 100% cotton broadcloth, three in white and four in ivory, to make an 1860s petticoat, the underlining of an 1860s ballgown bodice, and a 1910 underskirt.

Three yards of 60″ wide metallic gold English tulle, to make an over-tunic for one or more Edwardian evening gowns made of sari fabric.

One yard of burgundy cotton broadcloth to line the bodice of a Regency open robe (not pictured).

Five yards of dusty rose polyester matte-ish satin (it actually drapes beautifully, somewhere between bridal satin and charmeuse, and is not horrifically synthetic-looking), to make a 1910 afternoon gown.

Four yards of 60″ wide ivory English tulle, to make the overgown for a My Fair Lady embassy ballgown. I’m waffling on whether I should’ve gotten white instead, but we’ll see.

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