Rainbow Cupcakes


Nothing gets a preschooler excited quite like rainbow-colored food. Even better if it’s rainbow-colored dessert. So when I found myself with some extra frosting (as one does), I decided to color up some white cake mix and make rainbow cupcakes for my daughter to take to school to share.

A few tricks to getting those layers nice and even on the inside– first, remember to make different amounts of your different colors– more for the color on the bottom (since it’ll spread out and up the sides) and progressively less for the colors in the center. Second, use piping bags to put your batter exactly where you want it– no more mess with spoons!



Once the cupcakes were baked, I streaked the inside of a piping bag with food coloring so it would stripe the frosting as I piped it out.


And presto! Rainbow cupcakes!


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