Rhinestone-Embellished Holiday Dress


Every year for the holidays I have fun looking through the stores for an adorable holiday dress for my daughter. In years past she’s been pretty compliant in terms of wearing what I pick out, since she loves twirly skirts, lace, sparkles, and all the components that are usually present in holiday-wear. This year I happened upon a lovely (but plain) dress, and decided to do a little quick DIY and fancy it up to meet her high standards.

It really was incredibly easy. All I did was locate a sew-on rhinestone applique shaped like a collar– about $12 on eBay, you just need to be willing to wait a while for it to arrive from overseas– and stitch it carefully to the neckline of the dress. I only stitched along the top, starting from the center to ensure it would stay symmetrical and letting the bottom hang free, kind of like a necklace.


I really love how it turned out– so chic, so elegant, so Audrey-Hepburn-ish. The navy taffeta with the velvet belt, and the sparkling rhinestones against the dark background… Unfortunately, chic and elegant were not good enough for my girl, who has declared the dress “too pirate-y” (no idea what that means) and refuses to wear it. I’m hoping that if I just bring it out for a holiday party I can get her to put it on without noticing or something. Or perhaps her tastes will change over the next several weeks– after all, she’s not quite four years old yet, kids aren’t known for their consistency (though they are known for stubbornness).


***UPDATE*** She finally agreed to try it on and decided that she liked it after all! Victory!!!! Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope it still fits at Christmas!


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