Flashback: 31 Days of Halloween

Halloween collage

Since it’s the beginning of October I figured I’d do a flashback post about my most memorable October… When my daughter was 10 months old, I decided that for her first Halloween we would have to do something special. And for some insane reason, I decided that the “something special” would be creating a different costume for each of the 31 days in October, ending with her “real” costume, a penguin suit that would be part of a family costume.

The first few costumes were easy– put her in a pot with some white yarn, and she was a pot of spaghetti; put a tutu on her, she was a ballerina– but as the days went on I had to get more creative. Perhaps in some cases too creative. Read on for the grand list:

Day 1:halloween 1 (spaghetti) Pot of spaghetti

Day 2:halloween 2 (GIR) GIR from Invader Zim

Day 3:Halloween 3 (mummy) Mummy

Day 4:halloween 4 (lobster) Lobster in pot

Day 5:Halloween 5 (monkey) Flying monkey

Day 6: Halloween 6 (cupcake) Cupcake

Day 7: Halloween 7 (potter) Harry Potter

Day 8: Halloween 8 (cereal) Cereal killer

Day 9: Halloween 9 (picnic) Picnic lunch

Day 10: Halloween 10 (ballerina) Ballerina

Day 11: Halloween 11 (jellyfish) Jellyfish

Day 12: Halloween 12 (ghost) Ghost

Day 13: Halloween 13 (alice) Alice in Wonderland

Day 14: Halloween 14 (ash) Ash from Pokemon

Day 15: Halloween 15 (supreme) Baby beauty queen

Day 16: Halloween 16 (gym) Richard Simmons

Day 17: Halloween 17 (binder) Binder full of women

Day 18: Halloween 18 (viking) Viking warrior

Day 19: Halloween 19 (kong) King Kong and the Empire State Building

Day 20: Halloween 20 (ladybug) Ladybug

Day 21: Halloween 21 (muffett) Little Miss Muffett

Day 22: Halloween 22 (rabbit) The White Rabbit

Day 23: Halloween 23 (flamingo) Flamingo

Day 24: Halloween 24 (burrito) Burrito

Day 25: Halloween 25 (bee) Bee

Day 26: Halloween 26 (anoia) Goddess Anoia

Day 27: Halloween 27 (cat) Cat

Day 28: Halloween 28 (HIMYM) Your Mother

Day 29: Halloween 29 (red) Little Red Riding Hood

Day 30: Halloween 30 (chainsaw) Ash from Army of Darkness

Day 31: Halloween 31 (penguin) Penguin!

Am I glad I did it? Definitely. Would I do it again? God, no. It was tough enough to get her to put on the costumes when she was pre-verbal– imagine how difficult it would be now that she can express her opinions more forcibly (and knows how to take clothing off)!

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