Mismatched– er, “Shabby Chic” Tea Set

tea set

I have this bad habit of browsing through my local Goodwill for kitchen stuff. I say “bad” because it often results in my bringing home something I don’t really need and don’t have room for, but which I just kind of want to own. Examples include the set of pastry rings I’ve never used, the set of Eggies hard boiled egg cookers I used once before giving away, the set of pans to make flower-shaped bread, the pizzelle iron, and most recently the cake pop maker (though I’ve been using that more often that I’d expected). But at least those items had some theoretical use.

The problem is that to get to the kitchen appliance section I need to pass by the shelves of dishware, and I have a weakness for pretty things that let me pretend I’m in a Regency novel. As luck would have it, I was in the store a few weeks before some friends and I had planned to have a fancy afternoon tea party, and I thought it would be adorable to have a set of fancy teacups and saucers to use. Mismatched would actually be better because then it wouldn’t matter if I broke something or if I couldn’t find enough of a single pattern for everyone.

I scoured the shelves looking for pretty teacups every few days (and still keep an eye out for more), though from what I can tell they’re a hot item– they’re only 60 cents and the nice ones never stay available for long. I ended up with thirteen teacups, a set of eight lovely floral saucers (they all match, but they’re so cute I don’t mind), and a miniature teapot that just looked too cute to pass up.

Of course, what’s a tea set without a silver teapot, sugar bowl, and cream pitcher (even though nobody I know puts cream or sugar in their tea)? I found a vintage silver-plated set on eBay. While I think I’d always pictured silver teapots as being rounder (i.e., “short and stout”) this one is still pretty and it’ll make a nice addition to my set, and the little sugar bowl and cream pitcher are adorable. Can’t wait to try it all out together! In the meantime, I’ll be making use of the individual pieces here and there as props for my food photos on the blog.

4 thoughts on “Mismatched– er, “Shabby Chic” Tea Set

  1. I’d much rather it all be mismatched than pristine – reminds me more of my childhood and eating fruit cake with Nana and Great Aunt Betty. Sure everything was chipped too!


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