Ispahan Granita

ispahan granita

Having missed a home run with my first try at the Ispahan flavor palette (though I’d say it was a respectable double, at least), I thought I’d give it another shot with the Ispahan Granita. This one doesn’t try to replicate the distinctive richness, creaminess, or lightness of the original dessert, but focuses solely on the fruity and floral aspects.

ispahan granita ingredients

Ispahan Granita

1 can lychees in heavy syrup

16 oz frozen raspberries (you can use fresh, but why spend the money?)

3 tbs. rose syrup (also labelled as “sharbat syrup” in Indian grocery stores)

1. Combine lychees (do not drain, add the syrup right in) raspberries, and rose syrup. Puree, using blender, food processor, or immersion blender. Feel free to add more syrup to taste.

2. Pour through a strainer (to get the seeds out) into a shallow pan and freeze, stirring with a fork every 30 minutes to break up the crystals.

ispahan granita strained

3. When ready to serve, give the frozen mixture a final scrape with your fork and spoon it into dishes. Serve with fresh raspberries or rose petals to garnish.

I’d never made granita before, and at first I was worried because it was looking more like sorbet than anything else, but once I scraped up my ice crystals with a fork at the end, it was much more like shaved ice– sweet, slightly crunchy, and melty at the end. The raspberry flavor definitely dominated the granita, with the lychee adding some floral undertones and the rose rounding those out without being specifically “rose-flavored.” This would make a nice palate-cleanser for a fancy meal, or a very light dessert for people who just want something sweet to finish off their day.

You can also pour this mixture into molds for some upscale popsicles!


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