The Grey Lady, Part XIII: Finished!

Here it is, the final outfit in action at Misti-Con 2015! I’m very happy with how it turned out– it’s always nice when something looks almost exactly as you’d pictured it (even if it did take a lot of alteration to get that way). Sure, there are a few tiny differences, but the costume was very well-received and I had a lot of fun wearing it. Definitely worth making, though if I attend the convention in 2017 I am definitely bringing more costumes with me– got to keep up with all the amazing fans there!

GL rocks

GL rocks wand

Final thoughts:

1. Despite how cold the weather was this past weekend, I’m glad I didn’t line the dress– an extra layer of fabric would’ve been sweaty and also too much skirt to deal with.

2. The diadem looked great and stayed firmly on my head once I modified it, but it was extremely heavy after a few hours and gave me a slight headache. Just another reason why the eBay diadem is clearly not meant for wearing.

3. Sadly, my wand snapped in half before I even arrived at the convention– I’d put it in my purse at the hotel and by the time I tried to take it out for the first photo opportunity it had broken. In the picture I’m just holding onto the very end of the wand to make it look longer. Next time I’ll sew a wand pocket into my skirt to avoid this kind of thing.

4. Fabric really does make all the difference in whether a costume stands out or not. I got so many compliments on the fabulous embroidered textile I used on this dress, and I kept finding myself drawn to look at other costumes with similarly rich-looking fabric.

5. Special thanks to Maura Burns for taking these pictures!

Anyway, taking a break from sewing for a while. Two costume gowns in a row has been tough!


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