The Grey Lady, Part VI: Gores and Princess Seams

Before assembling the dress itself, I had to make the gores to be inserted in the seams. The gores were easy– I just cut 45-degree arcs of fabric with a radius the same length as the skirt section, then stitched one side of each gore to the side front panels. After that, I just ran all of the princess seams through the sewing machine to assemble the body of the dress.

GL gores

GL first seams

That’s where I ran into a problem– the embroidered fabric is just too stiff and heavy compared to the lightweight gores. The heavier fabric weighs things down so much that the gores aren’t always actually visible– they just disappear completely into the skirt as the heavy panels hang down (I had to carefully arrange the skirt for the photo above just to get them to show at all). To fix this issue I’m going to underline them with something slightly heavier– perhaps a quilting cotton. I’ll just stitch the new layer directly behind the gore, using the seam allowance to attach it.

I must say, I do love the texture of the embroidered fabric– so rich-looking. I get the feeling it won’t move well as I walk, though. Oh well, I’ll just have to stand around and look imposing…


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